Club de Mar extends vacuum sewerage also to the area of the buildings

The company Flovac has signed a second contract for the remodelling of Club de Mar Mallorca, in this case to supply the pipes and vacuum wells for the sewerage of the buildings. The remodelling of the marina is being carried out in two areas: marina and buildings, which have been awarded to two different construction companies. Both networks will be connected to a single vacuum station.

In the marina area, Flovac collaborates from 2021 by supplying pipes, manholes and pedestals for the emptying of wastewater from yachts, from the smallest to the largest, up to lengths of over 150 metres.

The advantage of vacuum sewage technology is that it allows wastewater to be transported more efficiently and with less energy than conventional systems. Vacuum evacuation in the sewer pipes increases the velocity and avoids clogging and odours, which makes the system more economical and easier to maintain.

In addition, both the manholes for the boats and the manholes for the buildings are monitored by the Flovactronic software, which allows a comprehensive and real-time monitoring of everything that happens in the marina’s vacuum sewerage network. With this tool, operators can monitor and control the system remotely, detect any problems and solve them quickly and effectively.

This technology offers an efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sewage systems by reducing the consumption of water, energy and chemicals.


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