Landscaping: life and soul for the facilities of the new Club de Mar

Elevating the aesthetic appeal and environmental harmony, the new Club de Mar Mallorca boasts a fundamental landscaping project that seamlessly integrates modern facilities into Palma’s seafront, creating an aesthetic where nature harmoniously blends with the surroundings.

Transforming spaces not just in appearance but in essence, the landscaping project by Madrid-based studio La Rosa Maura is set to redefine the ambiance of the new Club de Mar. Known for its collaboration on projects such as the Chillida Leku Museum in the Basque Country, Illa del Rei in Mahón, and hotels Cristine Bedfor and Son Vell in Menorca, the company will focus on native plants and a water reuse system, to create a welcoming environment in an area that experiences high temperatures in summer and a bustling activity of people and vehicles.

The project unfolds in two vital zones: the separation between the club, Paseo Marítimo, and cruise terminals, and the new buildings. Along the Paseo Marítimo, a lush green line, nearly 600 meters long, will unfold like a captivating canvas. A neutral base of grey shrubs will provide the backdrop, adorned with a succession of around ten Mediterranean climbers, creating a picturesque tapestry of blues, pinks, and yellows. In the area from the end of the dock at the cruise terminal to the old entrance, where a slope is formed due to the difference in height with the Paseo Marítimo, Mediterranean shrub plants, particularly the eleagnus shrub, will serve as a base. Similar vines to those in the previous area, along with trees such as yuccas, euphorbias, and ficus, will enhance the visual richness.

A focal point of the project is a grand vertical garden spanning three planes in the hangar area, covering approximately 300 square meters. To be planted this autumn, the installation will provide great visual appeal when viewed from the Paseo Marítimo.

In the area of the buildings, numerous spaces will be generated at different levels. Larger, more eye-catching, even sculptural plants will be placed in shaded areas. Considering the spaces on the ground floor, the first floor, and the roofs, it is worth noting that the buildings are very minimalist, and the vegetative cover will bring life and color to the ensemble.

Ensuring variety, the project incorporates Mediterranean plants suited for proximity to the sea, showcasing standout species like the ‘fonoll marí‘ (sea fennel) typical of the Balearic Islands. Vegetation in the most exposed sunny areas will be native, while shaded areas will feature adapted plants commonly found in Mallorcan shaded courtyards. The idea is to provide a lot of variety, always with Mediterranean plants.

Highlighting a commitment to sustainability, the entire vegetative cover will be irrigated through a water-efficient drip irrigation system. The vertical garden’s hydroponic system not only adds visual appeal but also contributes significantly to water conservation. Deposits recover the water, which circulates through the system repeatedly, ensuring significant savings in this increasingly scarce resource. In essence, the landscaping project at the new Club de Mar is poised to infuse soul and vibrant colors into its surroundings while championing environmental responsibility and sustainability.


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