The club

CLUB DE MAR-MALLORCA is one of most consolidated private marinas in our island, a doubtless nautical and social reference in the Mediterranean that defines our spirit and style: excellence, discretion, commitment and prestige.

El Club

On June 1st in 1972, after three years of hard work and effort, the doors of Club de Mar-Mallorca finally opened: a project that was born to attract big yachts from the French coast, a great reference at the time, and to create a yacht club that could represent a milestone in the world’s leisure sailing.

CLUB DE MAR-MALLORCA has been committed since its foundation with a series of services that have to be able to catch the clients and users’ attention for its added values that others don’t have, making a special effort for the past years in quality certification, always linked with a commitment with the society, sport and, of course, the environment.

Very few Spanish marinas meet the requirements in environmental management that we have self-imposed out of conviction, and in very few entities within our sector there is a balance between big and small lengths, sports and privacy.

WELCOME TO CLUB DE MAR-MALLORCA. A Club with history, a reference in the present and with its sight placed in the future.