Club de Mar-Mallorca and Palma Aquarium Foundation, together to preserve marine biodiversity

Debora Morrison y Borja de la Rosa en la firman de convenio

Club de Mar-Mallorca has signed the collaboration agreement ‘Alliance for the Seas’, led by the Palma Aquarium Foundation. With this agreement, the nautical entity is committed to carrying out different actions throughout the year to preserve marine biodiversity.

The alliance was signed today at the nautical entity’s facilities and was attended by the president of Club de Mar-Mallorca, Borja de la Rosa and the director of the Palma Aquarium Foundation, Debora Morrison. With this signing, Club de Mar-Mallorca joins a network of Balearic yacht clubs committed to the fight for the care of marine fauna and flora.

In addition, the agreement has been made effective through a donation by the club to the Palma Aquarium Foundation, which will be used to implement various actions for the care of the seabed of the Balearic Islands.

One of the most important actions within the signed agreement is the installation at the club of a temporary holding tank for sea turtles. This cubicle will be permanently located at the club in order to deposit stranded, injured or even dead turtles that may be spotted by users and sailors in the vicinity of the club in a safe and comfortable place.

Once the animal has been spotted and placed in the tank, the staff must call the foundation’s rescue team, having previously notified the 112 emergency telephone number, so that the turtle can be rescued as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, the agreement also includes that the foundation will provide informative material and environmental education activities for the club to offer and impart to its users and employees.

Debora Morrison declared that ‘the collaboration of all sectors of society is very important in the conservation and protection of marine ecosystems. We can all help in one way or another. The yacht club and harbour campaign is a campaign that is becoming more and more valuable every year. The annual campaigns also have a social aspect in the local community by providing donations so that the preservation of the Balearic Sea and its unique and extraordinary biodiversity can continue’.

Borja de la Rosa said: ‘For our club, joining the “Alliance for the Seas” agreement is part of our sustainability strategy that we have marked in our roadmap. It is essential for our sector and for society to promote this type of action aimed at preserving and caring for the marine environment’.


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