Pachi Rivero, a stellar addition to Club de Mar-Mallorca

Pachi Rivero is one of the most renowned sailors in Spain and on the international sailing scene. He has completed the incredible adventure of sailing around the world non-stop with a two-person crew twice and has participated in two America’s Cups, which is the sailing equivalent of Formula 1 in motorsport. Now, Pachi Rivero becomes a stellar addition to Club de Mar-Mallorca, as this great athlete will be sailing with his splendid boat Calima, proudly representing our club.

Question: How did you get started in the world of sailing?

Answer: I was born in Santander, a city with a strong passion for sailing, and that’s where I began my sailing journey. Later, I came to Mallorca for military service, enterering the professional circuit through the Naval Regatta Commission of the Navy. Many elite sailors in Spanish sailing have come from there.

Q: Did you start competing in the Copa del Rey during your early days in Mallorca?

A: We have won several Copa del Rey titles with boats like the Nationale Nederlanden, Azur de Puig, among others. Since 1984, I have participated in almost all editions of the Copa del Rey.

Q: What is it like to sail around the world non-stop?

A: Sailing around the world non-stop is an extreme experience, navigating through all the world’s oceans, but it’s wonderful. I miss it a lot now. I would love to sail again in the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific, which are some of the toughest seas to navigate. It’s living solely for sailing and trying to get the boat to go as fast as possible. The first time, it took me 97 days, and the second time, 91.

Q: An experience that extreme and lasting so many days must have many good moments, but also bad ones…

A: Sometimes it’s tough, but you quickly forget the bad moments. You endure cold, hunger, and intense tension during storms. But what you miss the most are the exhilarating moments of fast sailing in the Indian and South Pacific Oceans, covering more than 400 miles each day.

Q: From the extreme adventure of sailing around the world, let’s move on to pure speed. How was your experience in the America’s Cup?

A: I competed as a sailor in two America’s Cups, in 1992  and in 1995 in San Diego and in 2007 in Valencia I was a coach for the bowmen, always with the Spanish challenge. It’s another daily race. In the America’s Cup, you always use the latest technologies. Every day you’re testing new things to make the boat as fast as possible. It’s like Formula 1 in terms of constant innovation, trying to make the most of every second.

Q: Now you sail with the Calima, a boat that has achieved significant milestones in Spanish sailing. Tell us her story.

A: Calima is a legendary boat, having won international races like the Giraglia and the Fastnet. She´s a 43-foot Sparkman & Stephens design, built from wood at the Carabela shipyard in Barcelona in 1971.  Her previous owner, Javier Pujol, always kept her in top condition. She is a marvel, classed as a Spirit of Tradition boat, and now begins a new chapter with me. We aim to keep winning races, as we did just a few days ago in the latest PalmaVela. The next event will be the Illes Balears Clàssics. We’ll also go to Pollença, Mahón, and, if possible, participate in the regatta Puig in Barcelona.

Q: What role do classic sailing regattas play in the preservation of these maritime heritage boats?

A: It’s crucial that regattas for classic boats, like the one organized annually by Club de Mar, exist. These boats can’t compete with more modern ones, but these events ensure they are well-maintained and in top condition, which helps extend their lifespan even further.



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