Club de Mar-Mallorca joins the Balearic Marine Cluster

Club de Mar-Mallorca joins the Balearic Marine Cluster. One of the leading yacht clubs in the Balearic Islands will thus be part of this innovative business grouping with the aim of pooling efforts to strengthen the position of the Balearic Islands as a global reference in the nautical field.

Today, Pedro Suasi, the manager of the Balearic Marine Cluster, and José Luis Arrom, the general director of  Club de Mar-Mallorca, finalized the agreement for the club’s participation in this business initiative. The cluster already comprises over 80 companies in the sector, all aimed at enhancing the competitive standing of the Balearic Islands in the global nautical industry.

The companies and entities that comprise the Balearic Marine Cluster converge in a collaborative environment, facilitating the promotion of synergies and mutual value addition. This platform aims to bolster the nautical industry and social cohesion in the Balearic region. The group is open to both nautical clubs and sports marinas, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies, technological centres and startups.

The Cluster’s main goal is to increase the competitiveness of the sector both locally, nationally and internationally, and as part of this challenge, it acknowledges the importance of fostering innovation in an activity that has been identified as strategic in the future evolution of the Balearic Islands: the so-called Blue Economy.

Club de Mar-Mallorca has emerged as a prime exemplar of pioneering innovation within nautical infrastructure. Presently, the entity is nearing completion of an extensive renovation project, marked by a remarkable investment totaling 76 million euros. This undertaking stands as the foremost private port initiative underway in Spain. Every aspect of the project, from management tools leveraging Big Data to the meticulous design and outfitting of new structures, has been meticulously crafted to integrate cutting-edge technologies befitting a modern-day club.

The aim of this renovation is to elevate the Club de Mar to the ranks of the top ten nautical facilities globally, positioning it as a cornerstone of Palma’s new seafront. This initiative serves as a strategic framework for bolstering the city’s international standing, as well as that of the Balearic Islands as a pivotal destination for nautical tourism. The integration of Club de Mar-Mallorca into the Balearic Marine Cluster marks a significant stride in enhancing the international competitiveness of the nautical sector across the Islands.



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