Electric vehicles, a commitment to the environment

Club de Mar-Mallorca is making daily progress in its environmental commitment. One of the factors included in our sustainability strategy is the commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. Part of this effort has materialised in the gradual replacement of our land-based vehicles with zero-emission, all-electric vehicles.

The Club de Mar fleet on land now totals 10 vehicles thanks to the latest additions just a few months ago. And this commitment is paying off. In 2023 the internal consumption of petrol was reduced by 22.22 percent compared to the previous year. The figures are even more significant in the case of diesel, as consumption of this fuel has been reduced by almost a third in just one year, 30.14% to be exact.

At present, the Club de Mar’s fleet of electric mobility on land has ten vehicles: a six-seater courtesy car to attend to members and visitors, a van for transporting material and supplies, a four-seater car, two buggies and five motorbikes.

The aim is that in a few years’ time all vehicles that run on petroleum-based fuels will be completely replaced by vehicles powered by zero-emission energies.

This commitment to clean energy does not only affect Club de Mar vehicles, but our intention is to actively promote the use of this type of car. With this intention, after the remodelling works that are already in their final phase, our facilities have a total of 36 charging towers for electric vehicles, each of which can serve two cars simultaneously.

One more step in Club de Mar-Mallorca’s global strategy of sustainability, the results of which we are constantly analysing with accredited actions such as measuring our carbon footprint or the European Union’s EMAS environmental certification.


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