Yachting Gives Back and Club de Mar, together for the underprivileged

It’s is the first time, but it won’t be the last. This Christmas, Club de Mar Mallorca teamed up with the NGO Yachting Gives Back for its charitable initiative to gather clothing and food for those in need. Yachting Gives Back focuses on assisting the less fortunate by channeling them essential resources from the world of yachting, including private boats, marinas, ports, and sector-related businesses.

British Nick Entwisle, with a background in the Mallorcan nautical sector, notably with the company Pinmar, took the initiative to establish Yachting Gives Back four years ago. Motivated by a lifetime of experience, he aimed to catch the attention of a sector often perceived as privileged, to the fact that there are individuals facing daily challenges to meet their fundamental needs.

“I’ve been in Mallorca for 34 years, I love the island and I’ve had a very good life, but when I retired,” explains the founder of Yachting Gives Back, “I thought it was time to give something back to our community.  That’s where the name originated, suggested by a friend. It means a lot because people who are accustomed to life on yachts sometimes need to realise that just by crossing the Paseo Maritimo, things are not like that for everyone, and we all have the opportunity to help.

It was through Pinmar that Entwisle got the idea to launch initiatives related to assisting the underprivileged: “During my work at Pinmar, I saw how this company organised an annual golf tournament that raised more than one million euros for charity in 30 years. Since I don’t play golf, I thought I should do something different but with the same objective.

The launch of Yachting Gives Back coincided with a significant change in the refit industry in Palma, which proved decisive: “Interestingly, after the installation of a one-thousand-ton travel lift in STP at the end of 2018, its dry dock was fuller than ever of large yachts.  I started to pass by there asking for help for people in need and there were many people willing to collaborate,” recalls the head of the organisation.

Since the installation of a collection container in STP, the work of Yachting Gives Back has multiplied, as the NGO’s members now go wherever needed to collect groceries and materials: “Mallorca is an ideal place for this type of collection because the distances are relatively short and we can cover the entire island,” adds Entwisle.

Initially, the NGO provided food to those in need, but over time, the work of  Yachting Gives Back has expanded beyond those limits. It has diversified and also secures  clothing, bedding, toys and donations for the organisations it works with. Interestingly, many chefs working in the galleys of the some of the world´s most luxurious superyachts have joined in the drive and lovingly prepare countless meals for the social kitchens.

It is precisely the luxury associated with high-end yachting that can lead to waste, both in terms of food and other essential items that are quickly considered outdated and would be discarded without the efforts of Nick and his team, who collect and give them a new life  to meet the basic needs of the less fortunate.

Yachting Gives Back calls for action, not to miss the opportunity to help, no matter how small. The organisation has containers available at the STP facilities on Moll Vell in Palma to collect donated materials and also participates in food collections at supermarkets. You can also contact them through their website https://yachtinggivesback.com/index.html.

The NGO is fully integrated into the social support network in the islands and collaborates with many Balearic entities that also provide assistance to those most in need, such as the Associació Tardor, Mallorca Sense Fam, Es Refugi, Can Gazà, Asociación Siloé, Fundación Shambhala and SOS Mamas, among others.


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