Club de Mar is a Company with a Heart

Cáritas Mallorca has recognised the efforts of the Club de Mar Mallorca for its participation in the Caritas Incorpora initiative, which aims to integrate workers facing difficulties in finding employment. For this reason, this social entity has included the club among the organisations it refers to as Companies with a Heart.

Cáritas Mallorca organised a gala at the Palacio de Congresos on November 7th to recognise the efforts and support of all the Companies with a Heart that are involved in helping the less fortunate through integration programmes developed by this non-profit organisation.

Francisca Gallego, the Head of the Human Resources and Quality department, received the recognition on behalf of Club de Mar. Gallego has been the driving force behind this corporate social responsibility initiative, which has already taken its first steps at the club and is expected to expand in the future. “Our goal is always to go beyond, because we believe that it is part of our duty to help those in need “, explains the Head of Human Resources at Club de Mar.

During the gala at the Palacio de Congresos, Cáritas Mallorca acknowledged the efforts of all the Companies with a Heart for their commitment to improving the living conditions of people in vulnerable situations.

The Bishop of Mallorca, Sebastià Taltavull, the Councillor for Family and Social Affairs of the Balearic Government, Catalina Cirer, the Councillor for Business, Employment and Energy, Alejandro Sáenz de Santamaría, and the President of IMAS, Guillermo Sánchez, participated in the award ceremony for the Companies with a Heart.


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