Underwater forests: a commitment to regeneration

The MedGardens initiative of the Cleanwave Foundation has received a donation today from the Club de Mar Mallorca with the entirety of the funds raised through Solidarity Drinks,  a campaign carried out during the three days of competition of the last Regata Illes Balears Clàssics. In just those three days, the regatta raised 3,184 euros, which  Club de Mar donated today to the Cleanwave Foundation.

The president of the Club de Mar, Borja de la Rosa, emphasized the club’s ongoing commitment to environmental conservation. He expressed the club’s intention to continue collaborating with the foundation in the future, both with MedGardens and other projects aimed at the vital goal of caring for and restoring our environment. Ali Vahlhaus, Elena Fensie and José Escaño participated in the donation presentation on behalf of the Cleanwave Foundation and MedGardens.

MedGardens is an initiative by the Cleanwave Foundation with the ultimate goal of regenerating shallow Mediterranean underwater forests. It already has three marine restoration areas in Mallorca where it is replanting both posidonia and cystoseira algae, collaborating with the local community. The MedGardens restoration areas are located in Sant Elm, Portocolom and Formentor, each covering five thousand square metres. The next step, scheduled to begin in 2024, is to extend the Portocolom restoration area to encompass the entire bay, totalling 120 hectares.

The Cleanwave Foundation has set an ambitious goal: to make the Balearic Islands a globally recognised model of regenerative living. To achieve this, they are working on three initiatives. The first is raising awareness among young people through Cleanwave Education. The second takes a step further by providing alternatives to single-use plastic packaging through Cleanwave Movement, which has already installed water fountains in multiple locations and at sporting or cultural events in order to promote the use of reusable containers. Finally, the third initiative is MedGardens, whose aim is to take action: restoring what has already been damaged, in this case, shallow Mediterranean underwater forests, always seeking the collaboration from the public, businesses and institutions.

“These underwater forests, in bays and coastal areas, are tremendously important for the health of the islands because they maintain water quality, prevent coastal erosion, support marine biodiversity and capture carbon,” explains Lucía Borges, partnership manager at the Cleanwave Foundation. Borges calls on society as a whole to actively engage in this initiative in all aspects, from participation to funding, because the best way to ensure success is to have the committed support of the local community.


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