Club de Mar and Museu Marítim, united in promoting maritime heritage

Club de Mar Mallorca wanted to honor the dedicated efforts of the Museu Marítim de Mallorca in preserving and promoting our island´s maritime heritage and culture. Just a few days ago, the club´s president, Borja de la Rosa, and the commodore, Manuel Nadal de Uhler, presented a special plaque to the director of the museum, Albert Forés, as a token of their appreciation for the significant work accomplished.

Over the past few years, Club de Mar and the Maritime Museum have teamed up on several occasions for projects related to safeguarding and promoting our maritime legacy. This shared interest is evident each year with the Regatta Illes Balears Clássics organized by the club.

Albert Forés fondly recalls the origins of their collaboration, saying, “Our partnership with Club de Mar began in 2018 when, along with the Mestres d’Aixa, we brought over an array of exhibition materials, including a boat and models, for the Illes Balears Clàssics event. The following year, we also participated in the regatta with our ‘Xarxa de Desitjos‘ project, a participatory initiative we launched at the museum.”

In 2019, Club de Mar generously contributed a collection of captivating photographs of the Bellver boats, captured in the depths of the Bellver Castle by Nico Martínez, a renowned professional photographer in the maritime world.

Since the renovation project commenced at Club de Mar, the Maritime Museum has graciously provided its space for hosting the presentations of the Regatta Illes Balears Clàssics. This collaboration offers an ideal setting to celebrate the event’s mission of sharing the rich history and nautical heritage it represents.

Club de Mar’s Commodore, Manuel Nadal de Uhler, also played a part in the “Converses amb la mar” series, initiated by the museum, by delivering an engaging talk on classic boats. “During that time, the series was conducted as a video conference due to the ongoing pandemic,” recalls the director of the Maritime Museum.

Albert Forés attributes the inception of their collaboration to Manolo Gómez, who facilitated the initial contact between the museum and Commodore Manuel Nadal.

Looking ahead, the Maritime Museum of Mallorca is on track to complete the renovations at its Ses Voltes headquarters next month. Regardless of the location, be it at Ses Voltes in Palma or the Museu de la Mar in Port de Sóller, Albert Forés and his dedicated team remain unwavering in their mission to promote and safeguard Mallorca’s maritime heritage.



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