Awards ceremony of the XXVIII Regatta Illes Balears Clàssics

Argyll,  the winner of the Bermudian Vintage class, launched in 1948 and owned by Welshman Griff Rhys Jones, was crowned the overall winner of the 28th edition of the Regata Illes Balears Clàssics of the Club de Mar Mallorca, after winning all three races in her group.

In the Big Boats class, which brought together three impressive William Fife III designs launched between 1908 and 1926,  Mariska finally won. The remaining classes the winners of this year’s regatta were Andrew Harvey’s Clarionet (Classics), Tim Liesenhoff’s Marigan (Gaff Vintage) and Tiffany Blackman’s Orion (RI Classics).

This year, a new award has been introduced for the first time. It acknowledges the boat with the highest proportion of female crew members. On this occasion, the award goes to “Nerissa,” a vessel launched in 1965 and owned by Leonardo García de Vincentiis.

Rafael Carrió’s Grayling was awarded as the trophy “Legend of the Sea”. With time and dedication, Carrió painstakingly and restored this vessel, which was originally launched in England in 1900. It had languished for decades, stranded and abandoned in a Valencian port.

Additionally, the Italian Barbara, a first-timer at the Illes Balears Clàssics, was also honoured at the pricegiving ceremony for coming to the regatta to celebrate her first centenary of sailing.

In his closing speech, the president of the Club de Mar Mallorca, Borja de la Rosa assured: “We wouldn’t have the pleasure of welcoming sailboats like the ones that have returned to Club de Mar this year without all of you, the owners and crews. Your dedication and effort day by day are what ensure the survival of these genuine treasures. Without your commitment, they likely would have ceased to exist long ago”.

The awards ceremony marked the conclusion of the XXVIII Illes Balears Clàssics Regatta. The competition brought together 32 classic and vintage vessels from last Thursday until today, Sunday.

At the pricegiving ceremony, in addition to Borja de la Rosa, José Cuart and Víctor Alonso-Cuevillas, both Vice Presidents of the Club de Mar, were joined by José Luis Arrom, the General Director, Diego Colón, representing the RANC, José F. Escalas, the Maritime Captain of Palma, and Inés Cabrer, representing the President of the Balearic Sailing Federation.


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