Exploring the thrills of water sports at school

Club de Mar organises activities in collaboration with schools to introduce students to the sports of sailing, kayaking and paddle surfing.

Water sports require certain prerequisites: the need to travel to the sea and the availability of equipment, which is not always affordable. These two factors hinder the spread and promotion of these sports within the educational system.

Nearly a decade ago, the Club de Mar Mallorca decided to address these obstacles. Since it wasn´t feasible to bring the sea closer to the schools, they chose to bring schools closer to the sea.  This initiative has manifested in the form of organized activities through partnerships with with educational institutions. The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about and engage in sports such as sailing, canoeing, and paddle surfing.

Schools like Bellver, Santa Mónica and Inmaculada Concepción have already participated in this initiative, allowing children to enjoy and discover the numerous athletic possibilities and pure enjoyment that the sea has to offer.

Gonzalo Roig, the sports coordinator of the Club de Mar estimates that around five hundred students go through this experience every year: “Typically, we focus on these activities during the final term of the school year, lasting six weeks for each school with one session per week”, says Roig.

In some cases, the sessions align with the school time table, coinciding with physical education classes. However, there is flexibility, as some schools prefer to concentrate the activity within a single week.

These sports sessions are designed for children aged 9 and 14. The instructors organise groups based on age, and while younger children can explore sailing in collective boats, those who are more interested and have some prior  experience can try their hand at sailing in a Laser Pico dinghy.

The goal, according to Roig, is to “encourage the practice of water sports, which is often neglected in the Balearic Islands. Simultaneously, we offer students the opportunity to engage ina fun sporting activity that takes them out of their usual school environment and allows them to try something different”.


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