Club de Mar Mallorca Summer Campus is underway

Spend the summer learning and enjoying sports and the sea. Registration is now open for Club de Mar Mallorca Summer Campus, which will kick off on the 26th of June.

Children between the ages of 7 and 16 can participate in activities that will allow them to discover and enjoy nautical sports. Club de Mar’s sports department has two basic line-ups for this summer. The first is a multi-discipline course and the second is specifically designed for sailing.

Children who sign up for the multi-discipline course will be able to practice three different sports: paddle surfing, kayaking and sailing. Those who are particularly interested in sailing can choose between two options: beginners or advanced.

In the case of sailing, the beginners’ courses are taught in collective boats. The Optimist will be the boat of choice for the children’s advanced sailing courses, while the Laser Pico will be used for the advanced courses in dinghy sailing.

The weekly summer camps go on until  the 8th of September, with a timetable from Monday to Friday, 9am to 2pm. However, it is also possible to extend the day with an option of lunch and afternoon activities, in which case the finishing time would be 4 pm.

For Gonzalo Roig, the responsible for the sports area of the Club de Mar Mallorca, the sports campus “becomes for many children their first contact with nautical sports. For them it is a great discovery, and all the modalities have the enormous benefit of being practised in the nature”. In addition, Roig continues, “we include different kinds of environmental activities during the summer because we consider sport as an excellent way to educate and raise awareness among these young participants of the importance of caring for our environment”.

Registration for the Club de Mar Mallorca Summer Camp can be done online in the Sports Area on the club´s website.


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