Club de Mar has a new runner-up Spanish Champion

Gisele Corte won the silver medal in canoeing at the National Masters League in Seville.

The paddler and technician of the canoeing section of the Club de Mar Mallorca Gisele Corte is the new runner-up Spanish champion after her great performance in the competition that took place a few days ago in the waters of the Guadalquivir, in Seville.

Corte won the silver medal in the 35-39 years old category in a championship in which the best athletes from all over the country participated. The Seville event was the reunion of the national elite of canoeing and the first highlight of the season. Gisele came to the competition with no great expectations: “I had not given myself any objectives and I just wanted to have fun”, she explains.

Gisele stopped competing on the track a long time ago and the Seville Championships was her return to this modality. “It was amazing. It was a real canoeing party with the best of the best from all over Spain. I think it is the greatest  regatta of the year”, he points out.

Getting in the water in the Andalusian capital the day before the competition meant a great change of perspective for the Club de Mar technician: “We went out to paddle to test the course on Friday and right from the beginning I had a very good feeling. The next day, I returned to the water with Elena Reolid and when I finished the warm-up I felt like I was ready to take on the world”. Gisele believes it was the moment when she managed to take off the pressure of the competition and felt relaxed.

The race was not an easy one, with 62 female paddlers fighting for a good position in the different categories and five thousand metres to go. “At the start, we didn’t have a predetermined position, but the fastest paddlers tend to be on the left to look for the straightest way to get to the turning buoy. At the decisive moment, I was in the middle”. After a slow start, Gisele rose quickly to the leading group in her category. She didn’t lose perspective and her concentration was maximum: “I went out to compete, with a lot of attention on technique by pushing with legs and hip, which we have worked on a lot”. The Club de Mar paddler rounded the buoys very cleanly and was able to paddle in clean water for a good part of the race, although in the last 500 metres she had to paddle with more bounce and turbulence.

“I rounded the last buoy first in my category, but in the end I was overtaken by a local athlete. However, in the last metres I was so excited that I didn’t care what position I got. I had achieved my goals. I even started laughing before I crossed the finish line, where I couldn’t control my emotions anymore and tears came to my eyes,” she says. Gisele was just two seconds short of gold and the national title after stopping the clock at 26 minutes and 13 seconds.

An impressive silver medal was the highlight of the Club de Mar Mallorca canoeing team’s participation in Seville. Three other paddlers from the section also participated in the national competition. Elena Reolid had a great performance in the category of under 23, while Elena García almost touched the medal with her fingers after coming in fifth place in the 60-64 category. For his part, Manuel López was seventh in the 65-69 group.


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