Commitment to the environment is everybody´s responsibility

Ecological tips to help care for the environment and enjoy the sea responsibly

The Club de Mar Mallorca is a pioneer  in the Balearic Islands in some environmental certifications, such as the EMAS of the European Union. Our recent collaboration with TRUEWORLD to measure the carbon footprint of the Regatta Illes Balears Clàssics has been another example of our utmost concern to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment as much as possible. The club’s new facilities will have, among other infrastructures, hermetic and sustainable grey water channelling systems.  Renewable energies will also play an important role in reducing polluting emissions.

At Club de Mar Mallorca we are committed to recycling and we have containers to collect paper, glass and both plastic and metal containers, but we are also an authorised collection point for  expired flares and other emergency pyrotechnic material. We have also set up a green point with containers to collect aerosols, vegetable and mineral oils, oily water, packaging and paint residues, medicines, fluorescent bulbs, electronic waste, batteries, and other disposable materials, to be processed in accordance with the regulations.

Every year, around 10 million tonnes of rubbish reach the seas and oceans, generating a major ecological problem, according to Salvamento Marítimo when referring to environmental care of the sea. 80% of the waste in the marine environment originates on land and some of it comes from littering. Carried by wind and rain, it can travel thousands of kilometres, end up in rivers and other waterways until it reaches the coastline and the seabed. Also the waste that we incorrectly flush down the toilets in our homes often ends up as litter in the sea after poor treatment in the municipal sewage systems. The remaining 20% of marine waste is the result of activities that take place at sea: fishing, maritime transport, etc.

One of the consequences of all the marine littering is that more than one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles die each year from entanglement in or ingestion of this waste, mainly plastics.

Concern for the environment is a fight that involves all of us: institutions, entities and companies, but also us as individuals. At the Club de Mar we try to provide the necessary information so that we know what we should and shouldn´t do, what is within our reach so that the treasure that is the sea can remain unaltered as the source of life that it has been for millennia on our planet.

The basic principle should be that we must not use the sea as a bottomless dumping ground, because it is not. It is our planet, our house and our home. Therefore, let´s be fully aware of it and act accordingly.

It is obvious if we understand this perspective that we must not throw plastics, glass, oils, packaging, containers, drums, fuel, oily water or water from the shower, toilets or kitchen into the sea. The regulations stipulate that you can throw only ground food waste into the sea, and even then your boat must be more than 12 miles off the coast.

The Balearic Islands have idyllic areas for anchoring. We must keep ourselves informed about the restricted areas where we are not allowed to navigate or anchor. When the time comes to drop anchor we must be very careful to avoid any damage to marine fauna or flora, either on the surface or on the seabed.

No sewage or grey water may be discharged into the harbour or in the bays while at anchor. Residual oil, sewage and any other pollutants must be retained on board and discharged in port, following the proper procedure. It is important that all passengers are aware of where the recycling depots are located and how the waste is separated.

Beyond these basic factors, we should be aware that the maintenance of our boat also has an impact on our environment. We must take care of our boat, keeping it in good condition and the hull clean, as this will mean lower fuel consumption. It is also vital to periodically check all the pipes, tanks and connections to detect possible leaks that could lead to polluting the seas, as well as causing breakdowns.

Whether in port or at sea, don’t keep engines running unnecessarily. You will avoid polluting emissions and save fuel. We can also achieve this by slowing down the speed at which we navigate. Let’s enjoy the moment with peace of mind. Our environment and the wildlife around us will thank us for it.

Let us treat the sea as the delicate ecosystem that it is. Let us show our utmost respect and affection for an environment that is vital for the future of the planet and that allows us to enjoy its beauty every day in the Balearics.


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