Club de Mar, one of nine companies in the Balearic Islands to hold the European Union’s EMAS environmental certification

The European Commission considers this certification a model of excellence in environmental management.

The Club de Mar Mallorca is one of nine companies in the Balearic Islands that have managed to maintain EMAS certification, an official distinction of environmental excellence awarded by the European Union.

The Balearic Minister for the Environment and Territory, Miquel Mir, and the Director General of Residue and Environmental Education, Sebastià Sansó, today presented the EMAS environmental badges to the establishments, companies and services that have renewed their certification in this European environmental management system.

The EMAS badge, an acronym for Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, is awarded to those companies and organisations that register or renew, on a voluntary basis, in the environmental management system based on the European Commission Regulation 1221/2009.

Councillor Mir congratulated all the winners and thanked them for “their efforts and involvement in voluntarily committing to and maintaining an environmental policy despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 crisis”.

Sansó, for his part, also thanked all the companies that have renewed their certification for their efforts and involvement, and expressed his appreciation for their willingness to maintain standards of quality, sustainability and good environmental practices.

The General Office of Residue and Environmental Education, through the ECOTUR programme, is responsible for promoting the voluntary implementation of this instrument to public and private organisations in the Balearic Islands.

Companies with EMAS certification are certified as companies with a circularity strategy, without the need for a specific circularity plan. The European EMAS Regulation contains its own requirements that make it a model of excellence for environmental management.

In this context, the Balearic Councillor for the Environment highlighted several aspects of this certification, which  Club de Mar has:

-It requires establishing environmental performance indicators to analyse and measure the efficient use of resources from a life-cycle perspective and risk-based thinking.

-It allows, not only to ensure legal compliance, but also to anticipate the approval of new environmental requirements, which helps to minimise risks from a preventive point of view and to identify new business opportunities.

– It requires the mandatory involvement of employees, making them aware of the importance of their participation in the management system.

– The Environmental Statement validated by an independent and accredited verifier is a powerful communication tool that helps the organisation to make the effort derived from the implementation of an environmental management system worthwhile. It is also an exercise in transparency that is recognised by all stakeholders, including public administrations.

– It is a driving force for innovation, since it promotes continuous improvement, obliging the organisation to investigate new ways to reduce consumption, changes in processes or the search for less polluting materials.


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