Collection of expired flares: another service for Club de Mar members and clients

The Club de Mar Mallorca offers its members a service for the collection of flares and other pyrotechnic material for maritime safety

In this way, the organisation aims to make it easier and simpler for its members and clients to recycle this material, which can be dangerous if it is not recovered and deactivated correctly. Current legislation offers the opportunity for users to hand in flares, smoke canisters and signal rockets at the shop where they were purchased. However, the high costs of the process force shops to charge between 3 and 4 euros for each item delivered.

The Club de Mar has one of the eleven controlled collection points for emergency pyrotechnic material that currently exist in nautical installations all over Mallorca, only two of them in Palma. In this way, the entity is once again at the forefront in offering complementary services to its members.

The entity has signed a contract with a company that is responsible for collecting expired flares stored in a container specifically designed for this purpose. This company is responsible for transporting them following strict safety protocols to one of the few companies on the peninsula that are officially authorised to deactivate this type of pyrotechnic material.

Users have to periodically renew and recycle these devices, which must be dealt with at the end of the product’s estimated useful life of 4 years. This cost must be multiplied by the number of elements that we are obliged to carry according to maritime safety regulations: 3 to 6 flares and signal rockets per boat and 1 to 2 smoke canisters, depending on the navigation area.

Recycling the pyrotechnic safety material that we are obliged to carry on our vessel can become a headache due to the lack of knowledge about where to deliver it or what procedure to follow. This lack of knowledge or the search for a quick way to solve the problem sometimes results in these flares being irresponsibly discarded.


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