20 members of the Club de Mar and a team from the Palma Fire Brigade took part in a triple fire drill exercise

Fire Drill Exercise

The first exercise consisted of a simulation of a fire on a boat.

Always be prepared for the worst case scenario. The Club de Mar – Mallorca carried out a triple emergency drill on the 15th of December. The seafaring staff, with the assistance of the Palma Fire Department and under the coordination of the Club de Mar’s head of security, Pedro Barceló, faced three possible incidents at the club’s facilities with the aim of “checking the team’s preparedness and perfect coordination both internally and with external resources, and establishing clear and heterogeneous protocols that allow us to achieve maximum efficiency if necessary”, according to Barceló.

The first of the exercises consisted of a simulation of a fire on a boat with a man overboard in the crane area. This was followed by a practical exercise on how to deal with a fire in an electric vehicle, as this type of electrical fire requires a specific procedure that is incompatible with flame fighting in other cases. Finally, the third exercise emulated the correct procedure and actions for dealing with a fire at the petrol station.

Twenty of the club’s employees, along with six members of the Palma Fire Brigade and a fire truck, took part in the training session, which lasted almost six hours.

The Club de Mar safety team is constantly striving to keep all the emergency procedures up to date and in perfect working order. To this end, two other simulation exercises had already been carried out earlier this year to deal with different incidents.

Here you can access the image gallery with a photo report on the simulation exercise.


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