Club de Mar becomes a film set for Netflix for a day

Club de Mar became a top level film set for a day to host the filming of one of the most successful series of recent times: The Crown.

The production team of the Netflix series disembarked at the Club de Mar pontoons, where the mega yacht Christina O was moored, which became another protagonist in the fifth season of the series that tells the story of the British royal family.

The Christina O, which is almost 100 metres long, was originally a Canadian Navy submarine-hunting frigate launched in 1943 and even took part in the Normandy Landings. At the end of the war, the shipowner Aristototeles Onassis bought the vessel and transformed it into one of the most luxurious mega-yachts in the world, which he named after his daughter Christina.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the ship was considered the most glamorous in the world. Onassis invested a hundred times the purchase price of the frigate to completely refit the ship and it was reborn as a megayacht in 1954. The official reception for the wedding of Rainiero of Monaco to the actress Grace Kelly took place on its deck in 1956 and a good part of 20th century history has passed through this vessel. From statesmen such as John F. Kennedy or Winston Churchill to artists such as Maria Callas, Onassis’ wife, Greta Garbo, Frank Sinatra or the dancer Rudolf Nureyev have sailed on the Christina O.

After Onassis’ death, the ship became the property of the Greek state, where it served as a presidential yacht. Years later, in 1998, it was acquired by a company that underwent a major refit that rejuvenated the Christina O. and restored her to the image she had in her years of maximum splendour.



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