Demolition work begins on Club de Mar buildings

Phase 1 of the operation, which affects the nursery, the social building and the hangar, will begin in early June and will last three months.

The refurbishment work at the Club de Mar Mallorca enters a new phase ON THE this first week of June, once the required municipal licence has been obtained. The demolition of the buildings that make up the club’s headquarters will mark the beginning of the most important work of the remodelling project for the facilities, which affects all the buildings, and will run parallel to the work that has been underway in the port for more than a year. 

The demolition, which corresponds to Phase 1 of the land-based work, will be carried out in different periods in order to maintain the club’s operations and the service to members and users. The main objective is that the demolition and removal of the rubble generates the least possible inconvenience, although, according to the club’s management, “it will be inevitable to introduce changes in mobility to avoid the circulation of vehicles and passers-by in the areas affected by the works”.


The work will focus on three points (the nursery, the club building and the hangar) and is estimated to last 11 weeks. Once this time has elapsed, the work will enter the phase of foundations and construction of the new buildings, with the aim of the Club de Mar being fully refurbished and operational in the summer of 2023, in accordance with the forecasts made at the start of the refurbishment.

The space occupied by the nursery will be cleared in just two weeks, after the manual removal of the carpentry, furniture and other minor elements, and the demolition of the building.

The first four weeks of Phase 1 will also see the internal dismantling of the club building and the removal of fibre cement elements that have been detected in some of the pipes. This material, popularly known as “uralite”, was very common in the 1970s, when our port was inaugurated, and its removal requires special treatment. The demolition of this building is scheduled for the sixth week and will last for almost a month, until the site is ready for the construction of the club’s new headquarters.

At the end of June, work will also begin prior to the demolition of the hangar, where fibre cement pipes have also been found. In this case, the demolition is expected to be fully completed in the third week of August.


All the work in this phase will be carried out with the utmost safety and scrupulous respect for environmental protocols. The construction company will hold a preliminary talk with all personnel involved in the demolition to inform them of the potential risks and the preventive measures to be taken into account. The risks will be assessed on a regular basis.

The demolition will be carried out using two backhoes. The team will be reinforced with  STAFF THAT IS QUALIFIED  (personnel authorised )to remove and treat fibre cement. Another important operation that will require the work of a specialised company will be the ‘inertisation’ of the diesel tanks. 

Once Phase 1 has been completed, once the personnel have been relocated, the office building, the only one that will remain fully operational for the next three months, will be demolished.


Phase 1 of the ground works entails important changes in the mobility of the club’s members and users. The most important is undoubtedly the one affecting access to the facilities, which from June 2021 until January 2022 will be located on Avenida Gabriel Roca, between the flyover and the office building. The main entrance will be reserved for lorries and excavators. Once inside the club, private vehicles will have to follow the signs. The entire perimeter of the site will be fenced off, and traffic and parking will only be allowed in the area next to the canteen and the port, as explained in the attached plan. 


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