Supporting Tardor’s Kitchen Soup for New Year’s Eve

“Comedor Tardor”, a Palma’s soup kitchen, will offer a special New Year’s Eve menu for around 500 people thanks to the collaboration between Club de Mar-Mallorca, Associació Tardor and ASCAIB (association of cooks based in the Balearic Islands).

Located on Reina Constanza Street in Palma, the Tardor Association attends the vital needs of people in situations of social exclusion as widely as possible. Its soup kitchen welcomes hundreds of people in need every day and its menus are prepared by professional chefs who are members of ASCAIB who do the work in a selfless way.

Koldo Royo, president of ASCAIB, explains that since the beginning of the pandemic, solidarity has become more necessary than ever. “The user profile of the Tardor dining room has changed, it is no longer a marginal profile; now we meet all kinds of people who are in a very difficult situation due to the crisis we are experiencing ”, says the renowned Basque chef.

The Club de Mar-Mallorca has committed with ASCAIB and the Tardor soup kitchen to continue collaborating on special occasions and with specific actions. The first of these collaborations is the one that will take place this New Year’s Eve, in which Koldo Royo and his colleagues, thanks to the contribution of the Club, will create a complete menu to say goodbye to the year with people in need that will include salpicón, stew, duck and cakes.

“I want to thank the work of the cooks and the pastry chefs who selflessly dedicate their time to helping others as well as the large number of volunteers from all kinds of trades and companies who are turning to helping others”, emphasizes Koldo Royo who also says: “Being supportive, even if only once a month, is something nice” and that it adds up to building a better world.




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