Patakin ranks second in J70 Spain’s Open

Patakin Regata

The yacht Patakin, of captain Luis Albert Solana and with Club de Mar Mallorca flag, sailed with a crew formed by the Portuguese olympic champion Afonso Domingo, the Slovenian Karlo Hmeljak and the Brazilian Phillip Kemp.

The Majorcan yacht Patakin won the silver medal in the past J70 Villalia Spain’s Open in Vigo on the first weekend of October. This competition turned out to be the most important national date this year in J70 class, as the Spain’s Championship was supposed to take place in Combarro on the same date but had to be cancelled.

Patakin, of captain Luis Albert Solana sailing with Club de Mar’s flag, participated in this competition after succesfully taking part in the Italian J70 circuit, and excperience that has helped them improve their level in this competitive category which is clearly climbing and will surely be one of next year’s Copa del Rey Mapfre new features.

Luis Albert Solana’s yacht shined in this race where 19 other yachts participated with national crews in this category. There were a total of nine sets in all three days of competition. competición.

The Spain Open winner, included in the Abanca Week 2020 organised by Club Náutico de Vigo, was the yacht Noticia, with Pichu Torcida at the helm and Rayco Tabares as tactician. RCM Santander’s yacht gave the others no option after ranking first the first day and increase their advantage throughout the championship.

The rest of the podium wasn’t decided until the last day of races, which took place with west winds of 10 to 20 knots. Patakin could secure the second place after holding on against Europfrits-Aviko from Lanzarote, who made it third in the end.

In the waters of Vigo another Majorcan yacht participated for the first time, captained by Miquel Coll from Real Club Náutico de Palma, and ended up seventh in the ranking.


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