The Majorcan J70 Patakin wins in the waters of Vigo

The yacht captained by Luis Albert Solana with the flag of Club de Mar has won the Villalia Spring Series


The yacht Patakin, with Club de Mar’s flag, has become the absolute winner of the Villalia Spring Series, a J70 competition that took place under the organisation of Real Club Náutico de Vigo and a reference for this class in Spain.

The race, with yachts from Galicia, Cantabria, Euskadi, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, Valencia and the Canary Islands, was split into three events that score for the class’ national ranking.

The Majorcan Patakin, captained by Luis Albert Solana, has won thanks to the good results obtained in the races from early this years, right before the beginning of the pandemic. With Luis Albert, there were also the Canary Islander Gonzalo Morales, the Galician David Louzao, the Portuguese Alfonso Domingos and the Slovenian Karlo Hmeljak.

They were also accompanied by the Eurofrits-Aviko of the world J80 champion Rayco Tabares, who made it second, and the Marnatura 1, with the local sailor Luis Bugallo, who ended up third.

The yacht’s captain has explained that the upcoming challenges for them will be the J70 Spain’s Championship in Marina de Combarro (Galicia) between 2 and 4 October. They also plan on going in international regattas from September in the lake of Garda, with the first participation of the class in the Italian circuit.


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