Bolsa de trabajo #7640

Puesto: cocinera de tripulacion en domicilio
Edad: 53
Idiomas: italiano español ingles frances
Titulación: cocinero

Hello I’m Silvia,
I live in Palma
I’m available for chef crew.
I usually prepare meals from home on request and following balanced diets. Around 1130am I delivered hot lunch in boxes to eat onboard and dinner to be heated, a solution that proved to be excellent as the kitchen was always clean and crew area more accessible. But at the same time people were able to enjoy healthy, hand-made and warm meals, satisfying both Italian and international cuisine requests and respectful of any intollerance , allergy or health problem.
Flexible to any requests I would be available, both for a delivery as mentioned, and for cooking directly on board.

For more details:

Contact : +34695893067