Bolsa de trabajo #6385

Puesto: Deckhand
Edad: 21
Idiomas: Español e Inglés
Titulación: STCW, Seaman discharge book, Medical International Certificate, Seaman's Discharge book, PBL2 (i will finish the course on May 8)

Hello! My name is Juan Manuel. I am from Uruguay and i am deckhand looking for a position. Currently in Majorca and have immediate availability to start working. I am 21 years old and after having three years of training at the Uruguayan naval academy, I am looking foward to have my first experience in yachting, with no size or programe preference. I am new at this indistry but i have been onboard before as a student deckhand on a 25 metters Supply Vessel in Uruguay after completing my STCW basic training courses.
As a self-starter and proactive worker, I am confident my basic sailing and maintenance skills can carry over into yachting and I will exponentially improve with minimal guidance from my superiors. I have a very positive personality, i am team player and drama free.
Thank you and warm regards,
Juan Manuel