Bolsa de trabajo #2642

Puesto: Junior Stewardess
Edad: 23
Idiomas: native spanish, fluent english, basic french
Titulación: Tourism and Hospitality graduated

My aim is to attain a Stewardess position aboard a private or charter yacht.
Previous employments have all been customer service related. Having organised many numerous events and activities of various different natures, I trust my time management skills, enabling my focus and drive to deliver an outstanding service that would be greatly beneficial for any vessel.
Living and working at a luxury resort in the States during my last year at University broadened my horizons, introducing me to the unique luxury industry, which is where I am aiming to focus my career.
With my youthful passion, I’m grateful for every opportunity I am given while remaining humble, my primary objective is finding a vessel where I can commit long-term, build a close relationship with my co-workers, and learn expand my knowledge with support from my superiors.