Bolsa de trabajo #11089

Puesto: Deckhand
Idiomas: English and Spanish
Titulación: BSc Hons Degree in Navigation and Maritime Science

As a 23-year-old Bachelor of Science in Navigation and Maritime Science with a passion for learning, I am seeking a deckhand role where I can leverage my extensive knowledge and experience with a professional crew onboard a private or charter motor yacht. My goal is to seamlessly integrate with a positive and professional crew where I can grow as a valued crew member and thrive onboard. I have comprehensive knowledge and understanding in vessel handling, route planning, advanced navigation, cargo handling and maritime law, all the skills necessary to operate on and maintain high level vessels. I am experienced in tender handling and personal watercraft operations, backed by formal certification and extensive experience within my family. I bring expertise in deck maintenance, lines, mooring, vessel care, ECDIS, bridge simulators, and an amazing background in hospitality. Managing my family- run restaurants gave me outstanding customer service and leadership skills. Handling many tasks at once whilst maintaining excellence in service standards, positive team culture and effective communication in both English and Spanish align well with the unique crew culture values in super yachting. I know what it is like to truly want your guests to have the best experience. I am committed to continuous self-development physically, lingually, musically, and mentally. Holding my Queens Badge demonstrates my punctuality, maturity, discipline, and my ability to listen and take orders. I am a trust- worthy quick learner, adaptable, sociable, and happy to work in any department needed. I believe I bring a unique and ideal skill set to thrive as a deckhand and excel on your vessel.