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Apple's founder's megayacht 'Venus' docks once more at Club de Mar-Mallorca
The exceptional 78 meter long and 12 meter broad yacht designed by Steve Jobs in collaboration with Phillipe Starck, arrived last Monday afternoon, on the anniversary of its first visit to the island and will be docked until July 13th at the facilities of Majorcan club.
Venus, Steve Jobs' megayacht, is docked since Monday afternoon at Club de Mar-Mallorca's facilities, where it plans to stay until July 13th.

Just one year after it first arrived to Majorca, the spectacular yacht designed by Jobs in collaboration with Phillipe Starck chooses once angain Club de Mar Mallorca to dock during a three week period at its facilities, staying this time a week longer than last year. In 2013, it stayed at Club de Mar Mallorca from June 24th to July 7th.

A visionary and key person in technology, Steve Jobs began designing this spectacular boat in 2009 along wiht Phillipe Starck. Although he already knew he had cancer put all his creativity into this project that he never saw finished.

Apparently, the boat's functionality was a priority for Steve Jobs, who used to rent yachts to spend his vacation with his family. Those who knew him say he would cut his vacation on board short because he thought they lacked functionality. That is why he had the idea of making a custom yacht for him.

Currently, the 'Venus' is considered as a symbol of modern times. The structure, completely made of aluminium, is a nod Apple's products and the yacht is equipped with the best technology. In the cabin, seven 27 inch iMacs direct the navigation, the system control and the software that helps its functioning.

In addition to its sophisticated technological equippment, Jobs knew how to reflect his personal touch he had given to Apple's desings in this sailing jewel. The strucutre with sharp lines and a 12 meter long and 3 meter wide picture window on the deck have the unmistakeable seal from the Californian genius, who passed away on October 5th 2011, one year before the yacht was launched in the Koninklijke shipyards in Holland and in the presence of Laurence, Jobs' widow, and their three children.

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