28 March, 2014  |  INSTITUTIONAL
The twice olympic champion Theresa Zabell oficially takes the helm on sports at Club de Mar Mallorca
Theresa Zabell is officially the sports advisor at Club de Mar Mallorca. This morning took place the signature of the agreement in which the twice olympic champion becomes the new technical responsible for the Sailing School and sports teams at the Majorcan nautical entity. Zabell has assured that the most important thing is to strenghten a quality base education and said to be proud to be a part of Club de Mar Mallorca's team.
The signature has taken place at 1 p.m at the Club's president's office, Borja de la Rosa, who trusts that Zabell's knowledge and experience will mean a boost in the nautical sport. The Club's comodore, Manuel Nadal, is also convinced that the new advisor's work will contribute to improve the students' education and the Club's yachtsmen performance.

Zabell has one of the most brilliant sports resume in Spain, with two olympic golds (Barcelona '92 and Atlanta '96), five victories in world championships, three in European championships and 14 in international olympic weeks. Since 2007 she is also vicepresident at the Comité Olímpico Españos (COE) and president at Ecomar Foundation.

One of her first actions will be, as she stated, to promote the Sailing School at Club de Mar and has invited all parents who are interested in their children learning how to sail to be informed about the courses dates and schedules through the web site She has also explained that, in her opinion, children should have fun in their first sea outings for which she recommends to use faster and more dynamic boats capable of offering emotions that will respond to their expectations.

In response to one of the journalists present at the agreement signature, Zabell stated that the first step into making champions is that the young sail and has reminded that sailing is not necessarily an expensive sport. 'Some boats cost the same as a motorbike: the point is that parents choose to give their children a boat as a present in return, for example, for having good grades'.

Foto: Laura G. Guerra

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