05 March, 2017  |  REGATTAS
Menorcan Manuel Barber wins the Balearic Laser 4.7 championship in Club de Mar
Catherine Havenga, from Real Club NŠutico de Palma, winner in the women's category. The championship was formed by five regattas.
The sailor from Club MarŪtimo de Mahůn Manel Barber won today in the Balearic Laser 4.7 championship. It took place under Club de Mar's organisation in the waters of the bay of Palma from last friday and it lasted two days and five regattas.

The 14-year-old Barber, who competes in sub-16, lead the championship comfortably, winning three of the five races celebrated and ruling out a fifth position as the worst result. He scored five points and won the second classified and women's champion Catherine Havenga by 11 points. The third position went for Javier VilarinŮo, from Club Nŗutic s'Arenal, who scored the same as Havenga, but had to settle for the bronze medal for not obtaining a partial victory.

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