20 February, 2017  |  REGATTAS
Downwind Cup in Club de Mar
Club de Mar-Mallorca held this past weekend the first round of the Downwind cup, a new competition with 3 rounds, one in every big island (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza), where they look for extreme and suitable conditions for surfski in preparation for the big international dates.
A total of 24 kayakers began this competition from Portals Vells with destination to Dique del Oeste in which the absolute winner was Daniel Sánchez Viloria, with a distance of 13.5 km in 1:00:20, followed by James Fitzsimmons and Joan Ramon Ribas.

In the ladies category, Aida Caterina Bauza Vicens won over Mª del Mar Ramon Barcelo and Carla Darder Aguiló. In the third competing category, the Oc1, Manuel Simoncelli Domínguez ended up first ahead of Albert Solé Montoro and Daniel Bujosa López.

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