28 November, 2016  |  REGATTAS
HM Hotels, Capa and Oli Son Catiu win the VI Bufete Frau Lawyers Trophy
HM Hotels, by Javier Chacártegui (J80); Capa, by Carlos Carvajal (Dragon); And Oli Son Catiu, of Luis V. Fernández (Snipe), were proclaimed today the winners of the VI Trophy Bufete Frau Lawyers of Monotypes, organized by the Club of Sea Mallorca and in which 26 boats took part.
Each of the participating classes disputed four races in two days. The three winners were undefeatable. On Saturday, Xaloc (SE) blew between 12 and 14 knots. Today Sunday the wind rolled to Levante and dropped to 8 knots.

At J80, where seven units met, HM Hotels won three innings and was second in the remaining. The second classified in this category, Thomas Rudewald's Mnemonic, scored 9 points (four more than the leader), thanks to a 3-2-1-3 run, while Jose Carlos Frau's Bufete Frau went to the podium with a record of 2-3-3-4 and a total of 12 points.

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