23 October, 2016  |  HARBOUR
Port floor cleaning day in Club de Mar-Mallorca
A group of volunteer scuba divers and security and environment Club staff carried out yesterday, October 22, a port floor cleaning campaign in this marina.
The activity focused on different docks in the outside area of the port and it was possible to retrieve a big amount of waste that, over the years, has ended up underwater, in the port floor. Bottles, supermarket trollies, pipes, batteries, chains or knots are some of the things that were collected.

José Manuel Pérez, security and environment manager in Club de Mar, explained that, although the divers regularly conduct waste collection work, what the did yesterday is part of the first campaign with the joint forces of volunteers from Tech Dive, Explorer Extreme, Under Water, Isurus and the Club staff as well as the nautical school Escuela del Mar.

"Our aim- said Pérez- is to raise awareness among our users of how important it is to keep our port clean and avoid the accidental dropping of objects into the water. The Club managers have decided that this kind of campaigns should take place from now on every year to keep the docks clean".


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