08 August, 2016  |  REGATTAS
Sir Peter Blake's spirit joins the Illes Balears Clāssics regatta
The Kahurangi (1952), a cutter designed by Arthur Robb, was New Zealand's Royal Yacht's flagship for years and the one Sir Peter Blake sailed from Sidney to Hobart in 1967. The classic and vintage boats regatta in Club de Mar-Mallorca will take place in the Bay of Palma from August 10 to 13.
Kahurangi, one of the purest in the history of sailing, joins the large list of historic vessels that have confirmed their presence in the next edition of the Illes Balears Clāssics regatta. The Majorcan date, a reference for classic and vintage boats and organized by Club de Mar Mallorca, will take place in the Bay of Palma from August 10 to 13. The list is still growing a few days from the beginning, reaching up to 40 vessels divided into Vintage, Classics, Spirit of Tradition, RI Classics, Latin Sail and Dragon class.

Related in numbers with number 9, the energy and speed are Kahurangi's natural features, a 19-meter lenght cutter that sails with Spanish flag and is based in Sta. Cruz de Tenerife. The vessel was designed and built by the shipyard Percy Vos Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand, and launched in 1952. Arthur Robb designed the vessel on demand by a wealthy entrepreneur using the rules of the 12-meter class as basis. However, Doug Bremmer's comments, her first captain, made Robb alter his original idea adding 7 feet to the 55 estimated in the original drawings.

Not only did this produced one of the most elegant vessels of today, but also made Kahurangi the New Zealand Royal Yacht Squadron's flagship, obtaining many trophies and having world renowned crew members, such as Sir Peter Blake, who covered the famous Sidney-Hobart stretch in 1967. Blake is a legendary sailor in the history of sportive sailing. He won twice the America's Cup and the World Tour. In 1995 he was appointed a knight of the British Empire.

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