04 July, 2016  |  INSTITUTIONAL
The Balearic marinas collaborate with Banco Santander
The Asociación de Clubes Náuticos de Baleares (ACNB) has joined the agreement signed in Seville last May 25th between the Asociación de Clubes Náuticos de Baleares (ACNB) and Banco Santander. The agreement in the Balearic Islands was signed last Wednesday in Club de Mar-Mallorca by Miguel Suñer, president of ACNB and by Raquel González, private entities national director in Banco Santander. Through this agreement, there will be a finantial coverage for 24 yacht clubs in the Balearic Islands, with more than 18.000 members and open lines of collaboration.
Raquel González and Miguel Suñer congratulated each other after the signing of this agreement in favor of yacht clubs, all non-profit entities who develop important work in the promotion of sports and are as well a significant economical engine.

Recreational sailing is a strategic sector for the Balearic economy and this agreement can contribute to the adjustment of these yacht clubs to the modern times and to the current market demands, maintaining their social commitment, promoting the culture of the sea and creating wealth.

The Balearic yacht clubs receive in their sailing schools thousands of children during the summer, many of which will be sailoirs in the future, and will have a high percentage of sailing tourists visiting the islands, which affects the common good.

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