09 June, 2016  |  REGATTAS
Monaco Yacht Club and Club de Mar will collaborate in the organization of classic regattas
They have agreed to exchange information to try to coordinate the competition tecnhical format.
Club de Mar-Mallorca took the initiative to try and establish a collaboration with other Mediterranean clubs who also organize classic and vintage regattas.

The first positive response came from the Monaco Yacht Club, an institution with a highly credited history and also an important regatta organizer, such as 'La Belle Classe'.

Monaco Yacht Club's flagship is the 'Tuiga', a FI15 Class, a class to which our famous 'Hispania' belongs as well. They both participated in 2015 in the Illes Balears Clāssics regatta.

The first goal of this collaboration between the clubs will be to coordinate the technical format in the different classic boats regattas and that is why they have already exchanged information and documents.

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