30 May, 2016  |  REGATTAS
Nautiservice and Atila win the XXXVIII Army Trophy
The competition organised by the Comisión Naval de Regatas celebrated this past weekend its edition number 38 in Club de Mar-Mallorca.
Alberto Torres' vessel Nautiservice stood winner of class ORC A-B in the XXXVIII edition of the Army Trophy, held in the waters of the bay of Palma under Club de Mar-Mallorca's organization and over 37 boats of different classes such as Cruisers, Dragon and Latin Sail. Miguel Ángel Pujadas' Atila, won in the RI A-B category, while the Army's Illetas, was the best in the Toxo division.

The ORC and RI Cruisers regatta had a 10-mile coastal race. Aifos, belonging to the Comisión Naval de Regatas de la Armada, was by far the fastest boat of the fleet, taking 1 hour and 44 minutes to complete the race. However, after the ORC A-B time compensation, she ended up third, after the Nautiservice (winner) and the Bonaventura, belonging to Jaumne Clar, which received the silver.

In RI A-B they had almost the exact same situation. The winner in real time, the Sevens Too, belonging to José Luis Cernuda, had to settle with the bronze once the correction was applied. The Atila, who had barely crossed the finish line a few seconds later, went up to the first place, with the Mes Filigranes, owned by Antoni Colom, in second place.

The Toxo class sailed a 7.7-mile coastal race. In Illetas won in real and corrected time, with an advantage of 46 seconds over Alcanada, from the Air Force. The Komodo, owned by Daniel Rigo, was the best in Dragon class, with four participants, and the Áncora, owned by Moisés de Prado, won in Latin Sail.

The prize delivery, presided over by admiral Jaime Rodríguez Toubes, was celebrated this afternoon in Club de Mar Mallorca and had the presence of Joaquín González Devesa, president of the Federación Balear de Vela, and the Club's commodore, Manuel Nadal.


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