06 May, 2016  |  HARBOUR
A sailing wonder in Club de Mar Mallorca
The historic Russian frigate Shtandart has made a stop at Club de Mar-Mallorca. It is a school vessel made of wood with three masts that has taken part in many adventure films sucha as 'The Admiral' and 'Peter and Wendy'.
The Shtandart was the first vessel in the Russian fleet in the Baltic sea. It was launched in 1703 and her construction, made by the Olonetsky shipyards, took place by request of the tsar Peter I. After participating in different battles, the vessel remained out of service in 1727.

The vessel that moored at Club de Mar-Mallorca is a replica of the original frigate built by a group of Russian sailing enthusiasts lead by Vladimir Martus and was placed on the water in 1999.

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