09 March, 2016  |  REGATTAS
The Spartan will sail towards the Mediterranean to race in the Illes Balears Clāssics Regatta
The legendary wooden vessel, Spartan, with over a century of history, will visit the Mediterranean for the first time to partcipate in the next XXII Illes Balears Clāssics Regatta that will take place in Club de Mar Mallorca from August 10th to 13th.
The Spartan is one of the vessels designed and built in the United States by Nathanael Herreshoff that once took part in the so called by the sailing community 'The New York Fifty' class.

The vessels in this class were built during the winter of 1912 to 1913 and sailed fot the first time in the summer of 1913. The Spartan, which is the only survivor of the NY50, was owned by Edmund Randolph at a cost of 14,520 dollars, a significant sum at the time.

Throughout her more than 100 years of history, the vessel, which suffered two full restorations in 1981 and in 2010, has always been based in the United States and in the Caribbean. This will be the first time she sails to the Mediterranean to participate in the XXII Illes Balears Clāssics Regatta.

The presence of vessels such as the Spartan, which was exposed for years in Herreshoff's Rhode Island Maritime Museum, reveals the great prestige the Majorcan competition has earned over the past years.

In order to increase participation in the regatta, Club de Mar-Mallorca has decided to extend the entry requirements for vintage vessels that, for whatever reason, don't wish to compete and participate in the races, but whose skippers would like to take part somehow in the sailing gathering this regatta represents and attend the complementary events that take place.

To this end, the Presence class has been established (non competing) for those vessels that meet the definition of vintage boat expressed by the Mediterranean International Committee, that is, vessels built in wood or metal, launched before December 31st 1949 and remain like their original plans.

These participants will be eligible for the 'Legends of the Sea' trophy and, although they will not race, they will have to sail at least once, on Saturday August 13th, and sail a non-regatta lineal course.

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