18 February, 2016  |  REGATTAS
Club de Mar-Mallorca brings back its Snipe fleet
After a long period of "sleep", Club de Mar's Snipe class 86 fleet is back with its activity.
It is one more step within the sportive project Club de Mar designed a few seasons ago and continues to develop. It is now turn for the Snipe class, one of the best known and traditional in sailing.

The Snipe never dies and, despite the hight competition of more modern classes, its qualities of a very technical and navigable boat by regattamen of all ages and condition and after long periods of ostracism, it is now possible to bring it back to life. That is the case in the Balearics, where the class is again present with a higher number of boats. The Club de Mar-Mallorca has joined this trend and has incorporated a number of young sailors who, taking part in the 86 Fleet, created in the 80's, will sail for Club.

As part of this support of the class, the Club organises by the end of February the Campeonato de Mallorca (Mallorca Championship) which will represent the 'premiere' of this fleet and in which a participation of no less than 12 boats is expected.

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