26 June, 2015  |  SOCIAL
Endurance swimmer Anna Wardley will be the first to swim between the Islands and the Spanish mainland
The British endurance swimmer launches in Club de Mar Mallorca the Balearic Swim Challenge, her 2015 new project
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'There is nothing impossible if you set your mind on it', says Anna. The British endurance swimmer has been proving this with her example that perseverance, 'not giving up', is the key to overcome any challenge both in sport and in life, and encourages everyone to try because 'the reward you get when you achieve your goal is almost addictive'. She arrives in Mallorca to face a new challenge: the Balearic Swim Challenge, a 215 kms journey where she will swim between Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza finishing in Dčnia, depending on her interests. Without a swimsuit, no stops and no assistance. If she overcomes this new endurance test, Anna will become the first person to swim in these conditions between the Islands.

Club de Mar Mallorca has been the chosen venue to launch Anna Wardley's new project, who faces it with optimism and excitement precisely because no-one has ever done it before. She is now based in Colonia St Jordi, where she will be doing most of her preparation, planned for the next late Septmeber, early October. It's no chance she chose Majorca. Professionally, the communications company she runs, Seagrass, brings an office to Majorca to offer their services to Mediterranean clients. Personally, 'I am delighted by the weather conditions and water temperatures are better for my trainings', she explains.

This is not the first challenge she brings to the Balearics. The sportswoman already swam from Cabrera to Sa Rąpita in 2013 and at the time she thought of covering the distance between Menorca and Majorca. Logistic problems kept her from doing it. Now the project has grown and it is the 'right time and place for this challenge, which begins now, with the preparation. 'This part is almost as interesting and difficult as the challenge itself', says Wardley. Studying the currents, seeking technical assistance, working with the authorities in order to complete the journey successfully'. 'The technical assistance is recommending that I should start from Denia towards Menorca and not the other way around, as we thought initially, and do it in Autumn'. The journey is planned in three stages: Menorca-Majorca, 37 kms; Majorca-Ibiza, 88 kms; and Ibiza-Denia, 90 kms.

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