04 June, 2015  |  HARBOUR
Satika returns to Club de Mar after two years and eight months sailing around the world
Thomas Meseck's boat has completed a tour around the world participating in the OysterWorld Rally. 'It was an unforgettable experience'.
The Satika, captained by the experienced swiss sailor Thomas Meseck, has returned to Club de Mar after 2 years and eight months around the world. In October 2012, Meseck sailed around the world for first time aboard his Oyster 575 (18 mts. lenght) and with a 3-people crew.

'It's great being back. It's very emotional. We have been through a lot during this time and I felt like coming back', said Meseck right after setting foot on Club de Mar's dock, where his wife and some friends awaited with bottles of French champaigne to celebrate their return.'Sailing around the world is something full of unforgettable experiences, such as arriving at shore in the French Polinesia after sailing over 2,500 miles through the South Pacific', told Meseck.

As a participant in the OysterWorld Rally regatta, the Satika has sailed the globe departing from Palma de Mallorca and stopping by the most attractive and beatiful places in the world. Meseck's first destination was the Canary Islands. Then, he crossed the North Athlantic towards the Caribbean and through the Panama canal heading towards the Galapagos. Once in the Pacific, they stopped by the French Polinesia and sailed around the islands for some time. Afterwards, Meseck and his crew headed to the Fiji Islands before arriving in Australia. The next stop was Indonesia before crossing the Indic ocean towards the African coast. After passing the Cape of Good Hope, one the world's corners, the Satika overcame an anticyclon in St. Helena and seeked shelter in the Brazilian coast before heading to the Caribbean, the last stop before returning to Majorca.

Once at shore, where Meseck was very pleased with how his family, friends and Club de Mar's staff welcomed them, he said that after sailing around the world, all he wants now is to relax and enjoy the island. 'There won't be a second round, so now it's time to rest and be happy aboard the Satika with my loved ones', he stated.

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