25 May, 2015  |  HARBOUR
Club de Mar Mallorca, in the top ten in marinas for superyachts
Club de Mar Mallorca is one of the world's refernces for superyachts and the one with better service to boats of great lenght in the Balearic Islands. This is the conclusion Port Booker reached, a global online mooring booker leader, who places the Majorcan club in top list of most remarkable marinas in the Mediterranean, since it is one of the few capable of mooring leisure boats up to 180 mts lenght.
Andy Halcón, operations and commercial manager at Portbooker, points out that Club de Mar 'is in the world's top ten' thanks to its exterior dock and to the Balearic Islands, one of the preferred destinations by superyachts. 'There is practically not a week where it doesn't receive a first line yacht, either in size or in singularity, such as the 'A' or Steve Jobs' 'Venus', which have come regularly to Club de Mar-Mallorca'.

Halcón states that megayachts are forced to choose Club de Mar, because it's the only marina that can provide service for them. 'We already saw this at the beginning of the season, with the presence of the 124-mts lenght Katara, and other yachts of more than 60 mts lenght', he explains.

Club de Mar Mallorca has presented a remodelling project that, in addition to the improvement of the buildings and their opening to the city, considers the extension of the water mirror surface held, thanks to an increase in width and lenght of the existing dock and another perpendicular one of 15x98 mts. Such renovation will increase its appeal as a Majorcan marina for megayachts.

José Luis Arrom, manager in Club de Mar Mallorca, states that superyachts have chosen the club for decades mainly because of the exterior dock, but 'also because of the rest of services we offer'. In this aspect, he says that, aside from the yachts in transit, the club is base to numerous yachts of more than 50 mts length. ' Last year we moored 124 yachts of more than 24 mts that, placed in line, would represent 5 km. of distance' he adds as a example.

Source: Mallorca Press

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