05 March, 2015  |  REGATTAS
Club de Mar's classic boats regatta, a unique sponsor opportunity for big brands and prestigious companies
Club de Mar Mallorca offers the possibility to sponsor or participate in the classic sail regatta Illes Balears Clāssics, a unique opportunity for brands and companies who wish to market themselves through the sailing values and in one of the nautical most emblematic institutions in our country.
The Illes Balears Classics is a regatta of classic and vintage boats that takes place every August in the waters of the Bay of Palma, with the stunning figure of the city's cathedral as witness. It takes part in the European reference circuits (Mare Nostrum and Mediterranean Committee) and is considered as one of the most important events that contribute with international naval patrimony.

Vintage (until 1950) and Classic (from 1950 to 1975) boats are unique pieces that have survived thanks to their owners' efforts and thanks to regattas like Illes Balears Clāssics, that serve as a preservation encouragement.

Classic sailing is experiencing nowadays a so called 'secong golden age', having stood out as an elegant alternative to the excessive an competitve sophistication in other kinds of regattas. Vessels that seemed condemned to dissapear have now hoisted their trapezoid sails and cross the seas with their wooden hulls to reenact a sight with hints of history in the city of Palma, which, due to its special features, reaches its higher splendor. Such is the case of vessels like Hispania, which used to belong to H.M. Alfonso XIII, or its almost twins Tuiga (Monaco), Lady Ann (UK) and Mariska (Schwitzerland), all of which will gather up in Club de Mar in the upcoming 2015 eidition (August 12th to 15th) to measure their forces.

The Illes Balears Clāssics represents an exclusive commercial opportunity for prestigious brands with national and international presence due to the crews and shipowners' high purchasing power, 60% of which come from outside of Spain.
It is also one of the nautical events best placed in the calendar - right after the Copa del Rey de Vela-, when Majorca is most visited.

During the Illes Balears Clāssics the Club becomes the social life's center of attention on the island, not leaving behind the three aspects that have defined its 40 years of history: discretion, elegance and prestige.

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