09 February, 2015  |  REGATTAS
Ander Arambalza: 'In this sport you have to be ready to suffer'
The world's runner-up in Adventure Raid and member of the team Columbia Vidaraid has been preparing the kayak sports discipline in Club de Mar-Mallorca for the past two seasons.
2014 has been a year of success and confirmation for Jon Ander Arambalza and for the rest of team Columbia Vidaraid's members, an international reference in Adventure Raid. Personal trainer, familiy man and a sports passionate, Majorca has been for the last 11 years the 'refuge' for this young man, native from the Basque Country, when he is not around the world putting his physical and mental strenght to the test.

Still not very popular in Spain, Adventure Raid is a competition that challenges sportsmen to complete, in a battle against time and for several days, a circuit od 500-900 kms. in the middle of the wilderness, combining running, mountain biking, kayaking, mountain climbing, canyoning, rafting and other sports disciplines.

A constrast test that takes place in mixed 4-people teams and, according to Ander 'pushes you to the limit in situations that are so extreme that you often think of giving up, although you never say it out loud because a 'raider' would never give up'.

After finishing the year as the ranking's first and world's runner-up in Equador, he is now preparing this year's first appointment of the season, which will take place this February in New Zeland. The Castell de Bellver, Tramontana mountains or roads across the island are Jon Ander's usual training fields, who does the kayak preparation in Club de Mar-Mallorca.

In the Majorcan club's facilities, Arambalza trains what he confesses to be his weakness in the competition. 'Kayaking is one of the most demanding sports disciplines of the three in world competitions and can make the difference between being one more man competing or fighting to become number one'.

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